Little Known Facts, Myths, and Legends about Theatre… part1!

Why is it called a green room?

Theatre people are naturally inclined toward storytelling, so what we don’t know we sometimes just make up.

Many explanations for why the offstage actors’ lounge is called a green room are great stories, and some of them have roots in history. But none of them have any real claim to truth:

• Early stage light (limelight) was green, so actors could only accurately put their makeup on in a room painted green.

• Actors hung out in the room where all the stage topiary was stored.

• Early stages were outside on the “green.”

• The lounge was painted green because it was calming.

• The ticket money (the “green”) was counted in this room after the show.

Since we don’t have a real answer on this, here’s a list of “green” places with answers:

• A green room – any environmentally friendly room in a building.

• The Green Room – one of three state parlors at the White House; appropriately, the walls are green.

• The green room – in surfing, this is the lovely, watery green place inside the curl of a wave. It is also loud and requires excellent balance to visit.

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