Michael Muthu

evam’s latest production, “An Idiot For Dinner” is being directed by Michael Muthu. And in case you haven’t heard of him already, here goes! –

Evam has worked with Mike on many productions – Set designing for –  Odd Couple, Barefoot in the park, Chapter two, evam indrajit  and as Director for – Hamlet , Biloxi Blues and Oh GOD.

Born in1968, Michael Muthu is one of the most active theatre personalities in Chennai today.

With no formal training, Michael has been in theatre for over 15 years, starting with Dipankar Mukherjee after his Class XII, at the Loyola Theatre Society during his first two years of college, and in 1991 as founder of Boardwalkers. Boardwalkers is Mike’s theatre group which makes money through event management, plays, set design and execution.

His acclaimed productions include God, Biloxi Blues, The Hairy Ape, Sleuth, The Pied Piper of Hamlin, Jesus Christ Superstar.

And here’s something which is really something! – Michael Muthu was selected by Manoj Night Shyamalan to act in his first movie, ‘Praying With Anger’. 

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6 Responses to Michael Muthu

  1. deepti says:

    I think Michael is truly a genius. I saw him act in ‘Midnight Hotel’ and enjoyed his direction in ‘Hamlet’. Chennai is lucky to have him… amazing energy and impeccable comic timing! I am looking forward to ‘An Idiot for Dinner’.
    Deepti Menon


  2. Nandakumar G says:

    i want to book tickets for this show…. but i dunno where to book online… i’ve been hearing a lot about evam and am very curious to get to know how good it really is.. looking forward to this show guys

    it’d be really nice if your website offers better services… to be blunt the website really sux..


  3. Deepak says:

    i disagree with u on this nandakumar g. hey i got a mailer saying u can get tickets online at indianstage.in. and well website i think is quite colorful and nice. and the website for booking comes up in the opening page itself u just have to wait for it to load up.


  4. Nupur says:

    Just saw the COmplete Works of William Shakespeare ( Abridged) by the Black Cow Company in Delhi; which was uncannily similar to A cut above Hamlet that I had watched by Evam in 2006, Chennai. Any comments?


  5. sunil says:

    hey Nupur, The Cut of Hamlet by evam is based on the original “Complete works…” by the group -Reduced Shakespeare Company (Australia). The version of Hamlet we do now(2009) has almost 50% content changed ..hence become a version on its own.


  6. Roopa says:


    Could someone give me a contact no. to get more information on Micheal Muthu’s Theatre Group for Kids?

    Thank you!


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