Dinner Game, brief synopsis!

Impeccable food, great wine, engaging conversations, soft music. What could possibly be missing in a perfect dinner gathering? Well.. An IDIOT?

Originally made in French, titled “Le diner des cons”, our adaptation begins with Sanjay, who, with the help of an “idiot scout” manages to find his perfect idiot to take to the dinner where the evening’s “guests” are poked fun of. Our enterprising protagonist, R Golden Gopu, gets invited to one of those dinners. Gopu loves to build replicas with matchsticks, which seems to be the only thing he can ever do without causing pandemonium.As the chaotic evening unfolds, for more click here

Sanjay’s wife gets into a car accident, his mistress threatens to commit suicide and a Coup De Grace Gopu finds out the actual reason behind the dinner.

With a whole lot of idiocy & infidelity, forming the essence of the play, an “Idiot for Dinner” is an infectious and charming play that all can devour hungrily.

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12 Responses to Dinner Game, brief synopsis!

  1. Shilpa says:

    Sounds good :)


  2. C.J. Rajendr Prasad says:

    Great to hear about your play. It sounds a good adaptation and I am sure will have good performance (as always) – Will be there. All the very best.


  3. rabhinder says:

    when can we see some snaps?


  4. Major Narayanan says:

    Seems like yet another hilarious play from the Evam stable.
    Expecting it to be on the lines of your unmissable ones !
    Eagerly looking forward to enjoy it.
    Godspeed !


  5. jimmy joseph says:

    Mikes at it again.


  6. shubha says:

    Great to know you guys are back with Appetizers?Main Course?Whatever..looking forward to have a fullll meal:)


  7. abhilash says:

    I have seen both the movies… “Le diner des cons” and “bheja fry”. looking fwd to some more entertainment frm u guys…


  8. Leela Ramesh says:

    Just back from the show An idiot for Dinner. Though it was Bheja Fry in drama theatre form, we enjoyed it all over again, especially Golden Gopu and Hariharan. Look fwd to more plays from u dynamic great guys..Y dont we have a repeat show of Odd Couple


  9. archanasharavana says:

    hi! to all of you ,seems so nice to get your mails about all your new shows.Fact is that i have moved out of chennai and the only thing i miss is evam’s intellectual stuff .
    All my best wishes to the great team.


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