Hamlet at Chennai!!

We are returning to home base this sunday with one of our favourite comedies- ‘Hamlet- The Original Spoof’

Evam presents-

Hamlet –the Original Spoof

The play comprises of 3 actors (btw, Shakespeare used a lot more) who try and make sense of the grand Shakespearean tragedy in true evam style (possibly because many of us do not understand His style) – whacky, freaky and bizarre.

If you can’t make sense of Hamlet or Shakespeare – then this is the show for you – coz umm, well, we can’t either!! :D

A super audience-interactive show, and an absolutely rollicking ride guaranteed!!

Date- 29th March

Time- 5pm and 7.30pm

Venue- Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Chetpet

Denominations- 150/300/500

Block tickets at http://www.evam

To love or not to love!!

To love or not to love!!


Tickets available at all Landmark outlets.

For details, call 9840222363, 9840612333.


Team Evam

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