For better or for verse- a ‘Wilde’ly earnest attempt

Acting and writing poetry are two key interests for evam’s favourite actor, Karthik Srinivasan (TMK, ‘Hamlet: The Original Spoof’, ‘Odd couple’, DT and Q’… and most of evam’s other productions actually)

He decided to combine both passions of his- and voila!A poem about a role he’s currently doing now- Jack Worthing.

TMK says this kind of extra effort can make actors really understand their characters. And here’s the dedication–

“This piece is mainly dedicated to the sweetest director ive ever worked with, and the cast and crew of IOBE”.. :)


For better or for verse- a “Wilde’ly earnest attempt

In a decrepit old bag ,cast away was I

a railroad for company, a son to none

a charitable gent with a kindly eye

made me his own, and so my story had begun


when I was eleven, a baby girl was born

alas, like mine , her parents were gone

Cecily, sweet child, my first reason to smile

My ward she will be, for now , for a while


A wealthy childhood, a country house ,a manor

And yet a small sadness, a longing for a kin

For a playmate, a friend, a yearning for a brother

A profligate young man changed the state I was in


A prim and proper young man was John

A guardian, a gentleman, in the city and town

And add to this woe, a justice of peace

Left me with nothing but a youthful unease


To escape my fate , came my brother Ernest

For jack could only ever be earnest

Pray , tell me how ever can I live my age

As my legacy left me a veritable sage


In the country I was Jack, in the town, Ernest

It was to my liking that my brother was a pest

And thus started my dual charade

Good guy, bad guy, a moral façade


Oh I must tell you about my dear friend Algy

A witty young rascal, a scallywag ,a flirt

But something endearing , warm and feisty

Lives for his food, yet loves from him heart


And what of his pretty and charming cousin

An angel who answers to the name Gwendolen

She falls for Ernest, though jack loves her in earnest

Someday she’ll know ,and I hope for the best


A monster for a mother ,Lady Bracknell

For many a faint heart, she warrants their death knell

Algy’s aunt and Gwendolen’s mother

Never has blood been related farther


And then there is Prism, my little ward’s tutor

A bonding she felt, as a child to a mother

And never did dither, her batty old ways ,

Though the Canon left her in a perpetual daze


That rogue Algy,had me surprised

When he came one day, in my brother’s guise

And as was his wont, charmed my ward Cecily

Much to my dismay, a despicable tragedy


So there we were two,Ernests in tow

Engaged as one ,time for them to know

The moment of truth, and sorry for the fuss

There is no Ernest, but we love you as us


And in walks the gorgon, how dare you ask

For to win my girl’s hand is no easy a task

For my nephew’s alliance, I have no qualms

For she matches the gist of my societal norms


Ah here is my chance ,and everything to gain

I’m the jack of all trades and earnest in one

Cecily for Gwendolen, is my bargain

My trump card I’ve dealt, hope the deal is done


All seemed lost, and Ms Prism appears

She tells us her tale, and I’m in tears

Algy’s is my brother and I’m indeed Ernest

I’ll never forget the importance of being earnest


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2 Responses to For better or for verse- a ‘Wilde’ly earnest attempt

  1. Manasi says:

    Truly charming. :-) My actor can sing, dance act AND write poetry! The women will be queuing up for him at the end of this play. :-)


  2. Manasi says:

    Truly charming. :-) My actor can sing, dance act AND write poetry! The women will be queuing up for him at the end of this play. :-)


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