Evam Star Track

Hi everybody and welcome to The Evam Actors Star Track!
In the last five years , Evam has been privileged to work with a number of actors who have given their time, effort and talent to bring Evam to where it is now. It’s time now to appreciate and recognise their achievements as they cross their landmark shows with Evam!
Congratulations Evam Actors!!
Kk is currently leading the Evam Actors Star Track with 187 shows to his name! The last milestone he crossed was 150 shows at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore with the play Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by evam. Kk, evam appreciates you enough as a director so heres to kk the actor!!
In second place is shoooooshaaaa! He crossed 150 shows at Fortune Chariot Chennai with Hamlet by evam and is now on 173 shows!! Ye ye shoo!! Your improvs on stage are constant entertainment and of course..your performances are brilliant :)
Honourary founder of evam…tmk crossed the milestone of 100 shows with evam at Python Hysssteria Side A at Sivagami Pettachi Chennai. He is now on 139 shows…12 shows to go tmk for 150!!! You are undoubtably the most loved actor backstage :) Thank you for the passion you put into your acting and for everything you have done for evam!
Jimmy’s 50th show was surprise surprise…ART at Natarani Ahmedabad!! Being part of evam’s 1st and longest running play ART, it is impossible to imagine evam without Jimmy! Also having acted in Biloxi Blues, Python, Death and Odd Couple, Jimmy is on 85 shows and quickly heading towards 100! Evam wishes you Gods speed Jimmy!
Nawiin! From actor to core team member to strategic advisor evam owes you much! Navin crossed 25 shows with evam at Python Hysssteria Side B in Sivagami Pettachi and is currently on 48 shows! We are looking forward to your 2 more shows to reach 50 and many many more with us :)
Kuni aka Karuna crossed the 25 shows mark at Hysssteria by evam at Ravindra Bharati Hyderabad. She has been an integral part of team and both acted and danced for evam. Kuni is currently on 47 shows and evam hopes she reaches 50 shows with evam soon!
One of the youngest and most successful actors in Chennai, Sarvesh has done 39 shows with evam. His 25th show  was Always Look on the Bright Side of Life at Alliance Francaise Bangalore. Sarvesh evam looks forward to doing many more shows with you in the years to come :)
Currently on 34 shows with evam, Iswar’s 25th show was evam Inrajit in Sivagami Pettachi Chennai. Iswar has been involved with evam in different capacities from actor to team to recently, director of special projects as well. Evam congratulates you Iswar, and looks forward to future associations!
Evam’s best discovery of 2007, Kelly Kumar has already crossed 25 shows with evam with DT & Q at Chinmaya Heritage Centre Chennai and is now on 30 shows. Both part of team and an actor, evam has warmed to Kelly like no other. Kel we can’t wait for you to reach your next milestone at evam!
Shankar crossed 25 shows at the Odd Couple by evam at Chowdiah Bangalore and is currently ties with Kelly at 30 shows. Congratulations on achieving this milestone and we look forward to your continued association with evam!
Vidyuth is now on 29 shows, Five Point Someone in Hyderabad being his 25th show with evam. Evam has a soft-corner for Vidyuth who is a pleasure to work with! We hope you reach your next milestone soon!
From CUT to Actor to Dancer to Team to Full-Time Employee Aparna has gone through the entire spectrum of evam! She is currently on 28 shows, her 25th show being And Now for Something Completely Different at Chowdiah Bangalore.
Andrea crossed the 25 shows mark with Chapter Two at Rangashankara Bangalore. She is currently on 27 shows and evam looks forward to working with her more in the years to come!
Evam also acknowledges and recognises the following actors who are just short of reaching their first milestones with evam:
Vaidhya: 24 shows
Sunder: 22 shows
Nidhi: 22 shows
Pavi: 20 shows
Megna: 11 shows
CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all these actors/dancers who are a part of the Evam Actors Star Track!!!! Evam hopes you continue to work with evam and reach many more milestones! :)

Team Evam

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  1. Akshay says:

    Hey – im on something like 3 or 4..im almost at my landmark 5!! can i come in..? :D


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